Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday Wrap up: Singers and all

BloginDM has a great post on a barter deal and a singer. What did Chaim eat for breakfast?Find out here. Don't worry about Iran...Jack Shack's posting is about how he wishes he could write as well as me. Treppenwitz gives a salute to the sound of commitment. Life-in-Israel wants to know if a barbie doll be part of a minyan? SerandeZ talks about rude people and more...Be sure to check out Pschotoddler and his train ride. What's your favorite Blog name? Abbagav wants to know. Balalboosteh keeps us in the loop regarding the latest in a racial attack in Melbourne. Soccerdad wonders if Jews in Lakewood the new moslems? MoChassid will be featured on JM in the AM tomorrow!Update: The Crier has the big news on Duncan Hines!


Baleboosteh said...

I love your morning wrap up!

There are some very interesting articles there to be read that I may not otherwise have come across, thanks!

And thanks again for the link! :D

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Well that is the point and I hope others feel as you do...