Monday, October 30, 2006

Gourmet Glatt Loses it's Hechsher...

As if there hasn't been enough trouble with kosher stores lately: Gourmet Glatt of the 5 towns has officially lost thier kosher supervision as per the following email.

We regret to inform you that as of Erev Shabbos, Gourmet Glatt has lost the Hechsher of the 5 Towns Vaad Hakashrus. Rav Weinberger has informed us that any items purchased before such time are able to be eaten. Similarly no kashering of dishes or pots is necessary. Rav Weinberger recommends that people should not continue to patronize this establishment.

Congrgation Aish Kodesh


Anonymous said...

If you folks down in the 5 towns had any guts you would still go there..this has nothing to do with Kasrut...the five towns Vaad is acting like rabinical sopranos

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Well I don't live in the 5 towns so I really don't care for the most part. I'm not certain your assumptions are correct.