Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jewish Music: Mendy Wald: Rental Agreement?

As I discussed previously Mendy Wald has released a new album. What you may not know is that there is a little surprise waiting for you inside. You are not buying this album, you are renting it. What! You say? Inside of the album is a rental agreement (photo listed below) which states that you are not allowed to even loan this album to someone if you think they may copy it etc.. The only warning that this agreement comes with this album is a notification on the back of the CD ( photo #2). Unless they have a big poster next to his albums or they put a sticker on the front cover of the CD, I'm not sure that the halacha regarding illeagal copying is any different just because you have this rental agreement inside. Perhaps they are just trying out anew idea for awareness purposes. this should not be surprising if you know that aderet is a Werdyger owned enterprise. Seeing as how MBD had a message on a video which angered some. I wonder what Yeedle's next album will feature to detter illeagal copying. What do you make of this agreement?

Update: For more on this topic see Life-of-Rubin, BloginDM and Aryeh.

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