Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Best of Kosher Food Series: Pancakes...

I hope everyone is enjoying my new series of posts on the very best in Kosher foods. If you have actually sampled anything I posted about be sure to share your experiences (don't be shy now). As I mentioned we are starting wtih breakfast and continuing on that theme I will share some pancake ideas with you. Now nothing is better then making something from scratch. Mixes can be great too. Sometimes however, you neither have the time nor the patients ( or the energy to clean up the mess) and you might just want something you can pop in the microwave and/or toaster and be done. In comes Pillsbury "Chocolate Burst" Pancakes. I have actually sampled this flavor and can tell you they are simply fantastic. They don't have the "rubbery" taste that is typical of the ready made sort.

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