Wednesday, August 09, 2006

US to Israel: Fight Nicely!

Reuters is reporting that although the US is still backing Israel's right to defend itself it wants them to use the "utmost care" in avoiding civilian casualties. At this point the last thing Israel needs is to worry about civilians many who are aiding and harboring these terrorists. The war seems to have had little effect on the rockets that are still being launched: if Israel just went on a REAL bombing raid there may be an end to this madness real soon. Israel is afraid of the political fallout that may ensue so and is certainly showing tremendous restraint in not blowing the lid off Lebanon. Meanwhile Hezbollah is requesting that all Arabs leave Haifa. Nasrallah is afraid that should they die it will mean the possibility of one less suicide bomber to help the cause. It's hard to imagine but there is now a small group of reservists who refuse to fight in Lebanon.

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