Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rockets keep raining down in Israel!

Israel Radio is reporting that a 160 rockets have slammed into Israel today:Police said at least 21 people were wounded in Wednesday's attacks, which brought the Israeli death toll in three weeks of fighting to 55, including 19 civilians. Israel's onslaught on Lebanon has killed at least 540, mostly civilians. There seems to be some uncertainty as to how many rockets were fired but either way it's not a good situation. Of course you have the great UN begining to make plans for a peackeeping force in Lebanon. you can see from the article how ineffective and disjointed it is:

As chair, UN peacekeeping chief Jean-Marie Guehenno will outline, for some 40 countries, needs in troop numbers, airlift capacity and ground equipment.

"Member states may be reluctant to even say they will contribute. They may say: 'Tell me the mandate,'" said Ahmad Fawzi, UN public affairs director.

But UN officials say they want to have something on paper so the organization is not left scrambling once a political settlement starts to emerge for the troubled region.

Addressing the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee in Ottawa, Mackay spoke of the creation of an international force as one of the conditions for peace.

"What Canada's role might be is yet to be determined because the mandate has not been set," he said.


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