Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Jewish Album: Ari Goldwag is Flippin In?

Ari Goldwag is at it again with his new release of Pure Soul-Flippin In. The Title seems to be a response to Blue Fringe title track Flippin Out. Listening strictly to the quality of the recording online Ari's is superior without question. If you like heavy distorted guitars than this is your kind of album. Listening to the various samples of this album it is certainly going for a hard rock feel.
I'm a bit surprised Ari would release this kind of album with his own vocals. Don't get me wrong he's a good vocalist but it's not edgy enough for the kind of music being featured on this album. It seems a bit juxtoposed on songs like Leolom and Flippin In, although you can tell he's putting in the effort.
(HT Jewish Music Blog)

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Rafi G said...

Ari lives about a block away from me. Sounds like I should run over to his house and buy a cd...