Thursday, August 10, 2006

Last Comic Standing Winner: Josh Blue overcomes obstacles..

I usually don't discuss televistion shows on this blog but this one needs mention. I was estatic when they named Josh Blue the winner. He didn't winout of pity (that he had Cerebral Palsy), he won because he was the best. The guy is riot and you can watch his complete performance here. There are few people who are so funny they make you cry and he's one of them. I was a bit surprised that the showdown wasn't between Chris Porter and Josh Blue. I'm sure he's an inspiration to all people with disabilities ( all the more for us) that you should never give up and that almost anything is possible if you try hard enough.


Chaim said...

AHHH!!!! I was going to watch this tonight! Take the winners name out of the header. Oy Vey. Vaz Vet Zein! :-)

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Are you kidding? If you thought for a minute that ty could win you have some screws loose:)