Sunday, July 30, 2006

Israel...Keeping us informed

This morning Treppenwitz gives us the inside scoop on how proud he is of the religious Zionist youth. Would you like to know what the war on really is about? Abbagav can give you some answers. Can't picture what things must be like for the Israeli soldiers A Baleboosteh has some pictures. As usual you can always count on Aussie Dave to keep you updated with the Israeli army's current situtation. Life-in-Israel wants to know why there is no let up of Katyusha rockets being fired upon Israel. JudeoPundit has the Tall tales Europeans say about Israel. Make sure you check out Soccerdad for his Haveil Havalim Daily edition. Jack's Shack wonders why we don't hear about Israeli refugees. Although not an Israel topic: for some comic relief Life-of-Rubin has a great post on one of my favorite ranting topics those J for J lunatics.

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