Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dope of the month goes to ......

Senator Lindsey Graham. What is Mr Graham interested in doing you ask? He believes that the US is not acting morally regarding it's POW and detainees. He would like to institute rules that perhaps should mirror those of our court system and not the military. Perhaps we should get warrants before we go after the terrorists. Graham is just another advocate for the terrorists bill of rights. The idiot atually believes that if the US would behave with a higher moral code this would help us if one of ours is captured by the enemy. Do you think Hamas or any other terrorists will say ..."hey you guys were nice to us when you caught our men, we won't be-head you now." Thank goodness Bush is not backing down.


The Town Crier said...

Detainees are not prisoners or convicted criminals.
they are detainees.
most "detainees" the las couple have been let go because all they were being held for was postential information, yet we sometimes treeatem worse than our own worse convicted criminals.
So he suggest we treat them the same way we would treat jeffery fahmer and timothy mcveigh.

Chaim said...

The Left just doesn't get it. These people don't want to work things out with us, negotiate with us, make peace with us. They would kill every one of us where we stand, nay, behead us where we stand.

You have to have stricter rules, even when it comes to a potential threat, i.e. a detainee. Someone needs to tell the Left that the 60's are over, and Al Queda isn't Vietnam.

It's good for the Right, they think people will vote for them when they say this crap, they are gonna wake up to the harsh fact that people in this country,the majority, don't give a damn about terrorists rights, they just want to be safe.

FrumWithQuestions said...

I can't stand RINOS. He is an embarrassment to the entire Republican party and for Americans in general.

best4chance said...

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