Thursday, March 02, 2006

Free Jewish Music Download: Sameach Podcast #12

This mp3 podcast features:

This weeks show is 57 minutes long and was recorded at

- A new album: Chedvas Hashem from Yossi Goldstein

- Lev Tahor is IN THE STUDIO, the guy stop by to talk about their new CD.

- Sruly gives us a great tip for fixing CD's. See the entire tip here .

- Avraham Fried sings Machnisei from the Chabad Telethon. On DVD & DOUBLE CD .

- Simply Tsfat leaves us a voicemail, and we get more from their NEW ALBUM .

- They Play Lev Yatan off of the Chabad Telethon LIVE DVD.

- Talk about the BZZZZZZZ on the new Solo Artist's DEBUT ALBUM.

- More news and other important Sameach stuff.

- PREVIEW MUSIC! From a new Gad Elbaz, coming in a few weeks.
A worldwide SAMEACH exclusive!

- Women's Music Podcast coming VERY soon. Stay tuned for more voicemails and promo's.

And more.....

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