Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rabbi Kaduri: The Forward

The Forward has an in-depth article regarding the Rabbi Kaduri zt'l. As many as 300,000 people marched the streets of Jerusalem on Sunday to pay their respects to this great Rabbi at his funeral. The author describes Rabbi Kaduri as a master of Practical Kabbalah.I'm not certain what "pratical" means as opposed to "impractical"? The article discusses his great and vast knowledge of the zohar and how he was studying at all times. He did not get involved with Israeli politics but rather was more interested in healin people. Jews and non-Jews alike claimed to have benefited from his knowledge:

Kadouri offered cures ranging from magical inscriptions to formulas based on gematria (numerology) or astrology. One man whose wife had been unable to have children, despite a series of fertility treatments over the course of eight years, reportedly was told by the rabbi to plant 15 seeds of wheat and to water them every morning. Within six weeks, the story goes, she was pregnant.

I must say I'm really curious to know how true these reports are and whether or not kabbalah actually played any role. There are stories of even recent gedolim such as R Chaim Kanevsky who have healed people (no kabbalah included). Is it the tzaddik or the kabbalah or both?

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The Town Crier said...

Practical, meaning the practice of. the commonly used meaning for the term is not the main definition of the word.

see here:

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Thanks for clarifying that.