Thursday, February 02, 2006

Not all dating sites are created equal....

I had mentioned I have a friend who is single and has tried a variety of Jewish dating websites with varying degress of unsuccess (he's still single). Introducing a dating service in the UK. The advertsing capmaign they are launching is truly different then the conventional email or web page ad that typically is found all over the web. They are using billboards. They feature the slogan" Mother still nagging? The answer...".
How do they differ from other Jewish dating websites?

“SomeoneJewish is a premium online Jewish dating service. We offer quality customer support in the UK and provide our members with prompt response to their questions and other help they may need.


europeansuperman said...

Hello, single ladies.

Stevin said...

"and other help they may need"?
That's just asking for trouble.