Monday, February 27, 2006

Miyan Websites 3.0....

As you have seen my posts on the two minyan websites, namely and the newly developed are somewhat at odds with each other. I had checked out both sites and noticed a feature that MinyanMaps had which GoDaven did not. The feature: If you input an zip code and there is no minyan available it would show you the closest one to the area which you seek. I mentioned this feature to GoDaven and they replied that they specifically didn't set it up that way so as not to confuse you. In other words you won't see something you did not ask for, namely a minyan in a particular zip code. However,if you are looking for a minayan in the surrounding areas all you need to do is use next higher search function. You can search by city or state for example.This unfortunately is not a good answer to the problem. If you live in long Island and you want to look by zip code and can't find one, the city feature will not help you. You would have to look by towns i.e. farmingdale, commack etc.. Now there are many towns on LI as opposed to only 5 boroughs in NY and it can become quite a hassle to find that minyan if ti does not appear in the zip code you entered. Go Daven said they may look for different ways to view information.

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