Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jews for Cheese and Crackers...

Here is an article on the messianic Christians who try to pass themselves off as Jewish.

Rabbi Tovia Singer of New York will speak in Toledo on the topic: "Jesus Was a Jew - But Can a Jew Be for Jesus?" There's only one acceptable answer to that question, according to the rabbi: an emphatic "No.

Jews for Jesus wants to have their cake and eat to. Either you're Christian or Jewish, you simply can't be both. A Great organization that battles these missionaries is Jews for Judaism. They are certainly a great tzedakah to give to.

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Stevin said...

Tovia Singer's site is excellent, too.
It amazes me when Christians claim that Peter and Paul were Jews. No, they stopped being Jews once they started being Christians. You can't be two religions at once, just like you can't be two species at once. How many cat/llamas do you know of?