Monday, January 23, 2006

Someone is stealing....Bodyparts?!

Imagine you had recently had an operation recently. Perhaps the operation involved a skin graft of some kind to heal some wounds. The next day you start developing viruses that where a result of the very tissue used in the operation. The reason for the virsus: fallout from an alleged scheme to steal body parts. This ourageous hypothetical actually occured to Patricia Battisti, 41, a single mother of four AP reports.

The article explains further:

Authorities believe two men paid off funeral homes so they could harvest bone and skin from the dead without their families' knowledge. Worse, some body parts came from elderly people who died of cancer and possibly from victims of infectious diseases - a fact disguised by doctored paperwork that indicated they had been younger and healthier.

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Stevin said...

Oy. If I ever need a lung, I'm going to make certain the donor has an organ donor card. No diseased lungs for me.