Thursday, January 05, 2006

Rabbi Tendler hit another snag...

Rabbi Mordechai Tendler is name that has been dragged through the mud and back. He's was accussed of sexual harrasment by some women who were seeking counsel from him and was ejected by the RCA in March 2005. When a Jerusalem regional court found problems with the way the RCA handled the investigation all hell broke loose. Rabbi Moshe Faskowitz resigned from the RCA, after the Jerusalem court found the RCA of being in violation of its rulings. As if things weren't bad enough: Rabbi Benzion Y. Wosner, head of the Shevet Levi rabbinical court in Monsey is saying he's unfit to serve as a Rabbi. This ruling comes only a week after a former congregant of Tendler's synagogue, filed a civil lawsuit in Manhattan against Tendler for sexual harrasment. Here is the sticky point:

Tendler's supporters said that the allegations against him were being orchestrated by ultra-Orthodox rabbis who opposed the methods he used in helping women who were unable to secure a religious divorce from their husbands. At the same time, Tendler told people that several of the ultra-Orthodox rabbis in Monsey who criticized his work on women's issues had investigated the sexual harassment allegations and rejected them. However, attached to Wosner's ruling was a clarification signed by seven ultra-Orthodox Monsey rabbis disputing Tendler's claim that they had exonerated him.

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