Sunday, January 22, 2006

Possible NY governor faceoff

NY1 is reporting that Nassau County Executive, Tom Suozzi is flirting with the idea of running for Governor in NY. His mantra seems to be "“I can do it because I've done it." The problem of course, is running against a high profile opponent in the Democratic primary, namely Eliot Spitzer. This hasn't stopped Suozzi from making trips down to Borough Park and talking with the orthodox Jewish community about his campaign. I was unaware of the fact that Eliot Spitzer is even Jewish ( The name does kind of give it away, but I never really think of politicians in those terms). He seems to be going on the offensive regarding Pataki's current idea of a $500 tax credit for parents of children in underperforming schools as a possibility. An idea that Spitzer has attacked as unconstitutional.

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