Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pataki V.S. Spitzer

Ding Ding! (Let the fight begin). Attorney General, Elliot Spitzer believes that Pataki is trying to pull a fast one with his proposed tax credit for underperforming school districts.Spizer believes that some of these credits will be used for private schools and is really a disguized voucher program ( oh no!).

“I think there will be serious constitutional issues if they are used for parochial schools,” said Spitzer, the only announced Democratic candidate for governor.

The fight begins:

“Eliot Spitzer doesn't seem to have any problem with wealthy people being able to have school choice,” Faso said. “It's constitutional because the credit doesn't go to the school ... I think that tax credits have been upheld and are constitutional in other states.

Could it be that Elliot Spitzer is show boating for some free press?


The Town Crier said...

not anymore than pataki is fantasizing about turning his blue state for a republican that wont be in the running by the time the primary get to new york.

Ezzie said...

Sorry, Spitzer put out a statement backing the measure.

Rick's Corner said...

Mr. Spitzer would like to be the future Gov of NY.