Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Israel to Russia: Help!

JTA reports that Israel is seeking help from Russia to deal with the ever imposing threat from Iran.

“Israel is worried by the developments in the Iranian arena and comments its leadership made on Israel. The issue should be transferred, as soon as possible, to the U.N. Security Council so it can take the necessary steps to prevent the nuclearization of Iran,”

Olmert was quoted as saying. Russia, which has helped build the main Iranian nuclear reactor, has argue for a less stringent stance on the Islamic Republic.

Iran is currently opening it's UN sealed nuclear labs to which pose some serious problems. While all the countries are scrambling to figure out how to proceed, Iran has already stated they don't fear the UN. I think the time has come to realize that people like this only listen to real bonified threats. I belive the time has come for some REAL threats toward Iran the first of which should be to bomb these nuclear reactors.

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