Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Israel to Pat Robertson: Keep your money!

AP reports that Israel's Tourism Minister has stated he will not take any of the $50 mil. from Pat Robertson. These monies where pledged by his church to build a large Christian tourism center in Israel's northern Galilee region, where tradition says Jesus lived and taught. His remarks about Sharon being punished for giving up Gaza have inflamed Israel's officials.

Robertson's comments drew condemnation from other Christian leaders and even President Bush.

Under a tentative agreement, Robertson's group was to put up the funding, while Israel would provide land and infrastructure for the center. Israeli officials had hoped the project would generate tens of millions of tourism dollars.

I applaud the Tourism Ministery for standing up to this bigot.

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The Town Crier said...

Bigot? How could you say that about such a great evangelical right wing fanatic friend of the GOP Jews?

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Which Frum GOP Jews is a chisitian evangelical ever friends of?