Friday, January 27, 2006

Hamas won, no Jewish politicans to be found...

The lack of action from Jewish influential politicians to the recent Hamas win is quite disturbing. Where is the outrage? What happened to Chucky Cheese Schumer who was so vocal against Alito yet so quiet as to consider making any sound bite against doing business with Hamas? Where is Lieberman? Where is the great "lover of Israel": Senator Clinton? The only exclusion to this rule seems to be congressman Anthony Weiner who is already taking steps to stop any flow of funding to Hamas and the PA.

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Maxiebaby & Wife said...

Actually, both Clinton and Schumer have weighed in on the subject.


"Until and unless Hamas renounces violence and terror, and renounces its position calling for the destruction of Israel, I don't believe the United States should recognize them, nor any nation in the world," said the former first lady, a potential candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

"This is an opportunity for Hamas," she added. "If the election results hold and they are now responsible for governing the Palestinians, they have an opportunity - if they renounce violence, if they recognize the existence of Israel - to help provide a better life to the Palestinian people. I would hope that's the decision they would make, but it's up to them."


New York's senior senator, Democrat Charles Schumer issued a statement denouncing Hamas as "a terrorist organization, which means they believe it is their right to murder women, children and innocent civilians to achieve their goals."

"It is unrealistic, unwise and even immoral to ask Israel to sit down with a government that contains people who have such beliefs," Schumer added. "No other country would, why should Israel?"

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Weighing is something you do in the morning to see how fat you are. I'm talking about actual action. Do something!

The Town Crier said...

They have all spoke out on the subject you accuse of them of being silent. Its not what they will do, its what they say they wont do, and that is talk to or deal with terrorists, which as you pointed out earlier might be a good thing for israel to deal with them w/o us pressure, and could also potentially be a very bad thing obviously for israel. Funny though how it was the president himself who more than once tried to put a positive sping on this whole mess yesterday. Where is his action? Or is it inaction? Im not expecting much because there isnt much he or anyonwe in the senate can do right now.
And it doesnt mean that Bush, Clinton or Schumer like Israel any less than they did yesterday.