Friday, January 06, 2006

Get ready to throw out your DVD player....

This idea comes as bit of shock but the DVD may soon be absolete. You heard right, the DVd will soon be a thing of the past. The problem is which prevailing format will dominate which may end in a similar battle of VHS v.s. Betamax. The reason for the eventual extinction of DVD comes down to the proliferation of the new HD-Tv's. Regular televisions are not big enough to cope with HDTV's memory-intensive images. Therefore they require a different technology. The 2 companies in the running are Sony and Toshiba. Even though sony seems to have a greater backing in Hollywood Toshiba has just dealt a stunning blow:

oshiba said it would be launching its first commercial HD-DVD player in March at $499 - a price that analysts say is highly competitive. "HD-DVD is destined to be a key driver for progress and the development of the consumer electronics, IT and entertainment industries," says Yoshihide Fujii, a senior vice-president of Toshiba.

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