Tuesday, January 31, 2006

democrats are peeved: Alito is confirmed before state of the union

Well it looks like the Dems couldn't pull off the fillerbuster of Alito's nomination and he was sworn in today BEFORE the state of the union address.As MSNBC points out no president has ever walked into the House chamber and seen in the front row his Supreme Court nominee who’d been sworn in that very day. I believe it's a great day for America and a very bad day for Democrats like chucky chees schumer and his pro-abortion racket.to see what the president spoke about click here.


The Town Crier said...

I think its great that the leaders of this country are above partisanship when in that same day shumer is one of the very few who are in the presidents "escort committee" to walk him in to the speech

Jewish Blogmeister said...

That's only so he can get close to him and try to trip him when no one is looking.