Thursday, January 19, 2006

Crown Heights: A good place to live?

The NY Press has an interesting article about Crown Heights and it's social and demographic atmosphere. The author talks about what the nieghborhood is missing:
Indeed, a supermarket will be welcome in a neighborhood that glaringly lacks a decent watering hole or coffee shop, and where the nearest restaurants are the scattered offerings of Washington Ave., which is one of those strips that is constantly branded “up-and-coming,” though it would be more accurate to say that it ambles along from beauty parlor to religious goods store.

He seems to think it's not an unsafe place to live but not a particularly very safe place either. He tells us about his experiences:
"I returned home one evening to finder a cinder block thrown through the window of my apartment, an uninvited member of an ad hoc welcoming committee having helped himself to a laptop and cell phone. Windows have been broken in the lobby of the building; cars have been burglarized."



Chaim said...

I'm happy here :-)

It's havng a rough year safety wise. Been a rise in crime, but only slight, nothing out of line for the area we're in brooklyn.

it has good years and bad years.

Maybe 2006 will be better.

Jewish Blogmeister said...


Zoe Strickman said...

It's the same question as why would someone live in Israel when so much danger and bombings happen every day? The dangers of living in Crown Heights comes with the benefits of the Chassidic atmosphere where one can really live a Jewish life separate from all the secular temptations. Although I do recall seeing a kosher sushi bar in Crown Heights. I wonder who would be seen in there. I'll waive to them because I love sushi.