Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Coming soon to a train station near you....

Cellphones! The NYT reports that the MTA is in talks with wireless carriers to allow cell phone users in underground stations to have the ability to "reach out and touch someone". That's right, if the deal actually goes through you might be able to jabber on your cell phone while waiting for the late arival of your D train to Brooklyn (just an example). The problems of security aside (cell phone bombs), do you really want to see this happen? The train station is one of the last havens for a cell phone free atmosphere. Do you really want to hear some dude screaming at his girlfriend as you wait for that train that just might come? Well not to worry, the article seems to indicate that this deal probably will not go through. There are some places you just never want to hear a cell phone and the train and staions certainly should be one of them.

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