Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Jewish Music Rollups...

Harry discusses his take on Matisyahu. He does not think he's the Jewish Bob Marley but really enjoyed the show.You have my take on where Jewish Music podcasts might be going. Ezzie talks about his experience at the Avraham Fried "25" Concert. Chiam discusses how the Moshav band changed his life. Another blogger grapples with whether Jews can listen to Christmas songs. Beyond Teshuva lets us know that Jewish music fills his musical needs but he is told that Blue Fringe is "too bummy" (bummer). Hiechal Hanigiah brings us the historical background on Rebbe Yisrael of Modzitz whose 85th Yahrzeit is tonight! JewSchool reminds us that Yo is Just Oy backwards. Don't forget to check out the Shlock Rock concert clip at Psychotoddler.

Check Back for future Jewish Music Rollups.

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