Friday, October 14, 2005

Writing a meme..What is that?

Ezzie has tagged me and now it seems I must write a meme (whatever that is).

Here we go:

7 things I can do:

1) Play piano

2) Instantly think of 4-5 harmony lines to any song

3) mimic several accents ( including a perfect "ET" imitation)

4) Find anything on the internet (research)

5) Shine a shoe really good ( shiny shoe music,LOL)

6) Steam a black hat

7) Shopping ( yes I REALLY can)

7 Thing I can't do

1) Cut tile

2) Play guitar

3) Wait in line

4) Pay full price

5) Install brakes

6) Ride a motorcycle

7) Stop my mind from wondering during a boring speech

7 things I say often

1) Bizarre

2) No way!

3) Way to go

4) This has to be a mistake...

5) Could it be?

6) Really now!

7) Gevalt geshrigin...

Lets see I'll tag some other J music bloggers
BloginDM,Jewish-Music Blog.

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