Friday, October 14, 2005

Verizon takes on Jews for Jesus!

My hat is off to public relations man Steven L. Lubetkin, who the New York Times reports, contacted Verizon ( of camden County) over a listing issue. Jews for Jesus is listed under Temples & Synagogues - Jewish - Messianic which was listed below Temples & Synagogues - Judaic. He felt that Jews for Jesus not being a "Jewish" organization had no business being listed there and Verizon agreed! They will now be listed under the new listing of:"Synagogues" and "Synagogues" - Messianic. Mr. Lubetkin said as I would, that he was not really happy with the idea that they would even fall into that category but it is certainly better than the original heading.

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Steve Lubetkin said...

Thanks for the comments. More info on this effort is at my web site.