Monday, October 03, 2005

New Jewish Album single: Avrohom Fried Free MP3 clip

Sameach Music introduces Avrohom Fried's new single "Ani Choshev Aliechem". I can't recall the last time Fried tried this idea. I wonder if the single concept will continue. I'm uncertain what he's trying to accomplish with this single as opposed to releasing a full album (which is certainly more expensive). In the secular world a single is used to test-market a potential album release:this is certainly not the case here. Everyone knows who Avarham Fried is and his albums almost always sell better than average. Perhaps he wants to get people hyped up for the next complete album? Not really certain as this point.


dilbert said...

the last Fried single I remember is the one addressing the leaf on the tree "tachzeek chazak ale kattan sheli" sung in non-Ashkenazic Hebrew.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Now that some very dug up information right there.Good going!