Friday, October 07, 2005

Lulav: what is the real deal?

OnTheMainLine mentions that the lulav market is being cornered by one lone importer raising the price of a lulav from 1-5 dollars. Arutz Sheva however reports a conflicting story:
A shipment of 250,000 lulavim, used in the upcoming Sukkot holiday, has been permitted to enter from el-Arish in Egypt. After a quarantine period and treatment against insects, the lulavim will be on their way to wholesalers and retailers around the country. There is hope that a second shipment of 150,000 lulavim, also from Egypt, will follow.

While locally grown lulavim are also available, there is not enough to supply the approximately 1 million required before the holiday.

Either way you are sure to pay more (hey the rhymes).

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