Sunday, October 16, 2005

Jewish Dave Matthews?

Thisarticle discusses Rick Recht, who they claim is sometimes referred to as the "Jewish Dave Matthews". He does about 150 performances a year: not bad. His music is supposed to promote "Jewish Pride" and has gained a nice following over the years. He even sings Carlebach a bit surprising, since he's a conservative Jew (but Carlebach music gets around). I don't think I would put him in the Blue Fringe category since you will generally never see teenage boys who have decorated their bare chests as you would at Rick Recht concert.
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ella said...

I just saw Rick Recht in Cleveland on 11/5/05 and I have to say he was a huge disappointment. He kept the audience of mostly little kids (it was heavily advertised in the jewish day schools) waiting for 25 minutes past the start time without explanation or apology. The kids were climbing the walls. Then the poor overworked man had to take a break by leaving us with a drum solo by one of his non-Jewish band members who can't wear a kippah inside a synagogue but apparently can cash the pay check. Can he really not find good musicians who are jewish? REally now---

In addition to that I think Recht is overrated at best. His music is derivative and his style is just boring. Every single number was "Put your hands in the air" and "Every voice now"--I think that if a performer has to instruct the audience to behave enthusiastically he hasn't really done his job.

If you look at Recht's credits, it seems as if he would be in secular music if he had a chance of getting to pretend he is a rock star like he does in the Jewish community. He's played with secular bands and recently put out a secular album. But because he can't really compete with secular bands he markets himself to young girls at summer camps as a "rock star" and frankly, it's kind of yucky.

Save your money--go see or book Craig Taubman or Debbie Friedman or Rabbi Joe Black. You won't be disappointed, you'll get a professional show with original music, and you won't feel like you have to take a shower afterward.