Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hofstra's New Law Dean-He wears a Yarmulke (psss. He's Hasidic)

Newsday reports on Hofstra University's new Law Dean-Aaron D. Twerski. The article discusses how he almost never really made it this far:A supportive professor told him there was negative reaction from prospective employers to the long dark coat, long beard and yarmulke, which signaled an obvious religious devotion that Twerski, a Hasidic Jew and scion of some 30 generations of rabbis, said he wasn't about to abandon. He held onto his beliefs and initially while all his law buddies were getting several teaching offers he had not but one.
Now with G-d's help he is the first Hasidic Jew to lead an American law school. He's not happy with the little amount of progress that has been made over this prejudice however. When asked about discrimination against hassidic Jewery he says:" they still find a fair amount of prejudice against Hasidic Jews who dress the way I do or in similar fashion, where they are clearly recognizable as orthodox Jews," a kind of discrimination he said that is much more subtle than 40 years ago.
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