Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ho do you feel about being Jewish?

That's what the EJP asked British Jews and here are some of their responses:

“Being Jewish is an integral part of who I am and how I conduct my life. I am extremely proud to be Jewish and as a British Jew regard myself as fortunate to have the freedom to practice my religion freely.

“I am aware that the statistics point to a shrinking of Jewish communities for many reasons, but I am still convinced that British Jewry will continue to thrive.

“I do not feel any less safe now than say five years ago because I am a Jew, but I do feel less safe generally due to extremist threats which threaten all of us, whatever our religion.

We should all endeavour to learn something about other religions as ignorance leads to misunderstanding and misunderstanding leads to fear

“I have observed a lot of unjustified bias against Jews and Israel in the media leading to much frustration on my part. This is particularly prevalent on certain TV discussion programmes. However from time to time I have been uplifted to see and read unsolicited praise expressed towards matters Jewish and Israeli.

Hilary Tammer

“I’m not religious so being Jewish is not important from that point of view.

“However, I recognise that the rest of the world regard the Jews as a separate race and as far as they are concerned, I’m a Jew.

Nevertheless, however non-Jewish I think I am, I’m still part of the culture whether I like it or not

“I don’t feel any less safe than in the last few years. I feel as safe as anyone else in London - i.e. not very safe since 7 July. I’ve not noticed any bias for or against Jews. "

Frazer Lewis

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