Saturday, October 22, 2005

Cruelty to animals?Kapparot with chickens... reports that crowded crates of starving chickens discovered Sunday in an empty Coney Island lot were supposed to be used for "kapparot". Assumin they are correct this is certainly a case of Tzar Ba'alei Chaim (pain to living things) which is against torah law. It's ironic as these people where involved in a ritual to rid themselves of sin, they may have been commiting one.
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heebnvegan said...

Oh the irony. Neglect is cruelty to animals (I really do agree with that, I'll note), but swinging birds around, smashing them, and killing them is "legitimate repentance."

This isn't the first instance of birds being obtained for kapparot and "going to waste." In the 10/3/05 Jewish Press, Rabbi Yaakov Klass noted that so many chickens were being used that they weren't even being given to the poor:

"Someone had set up a 'kaporos' operation on a prominent avenue in my community. The chickens were being slaughtered rapidly on site, and due to the sheer volume, were being thrown into a garbage pail right before my eyes."

Using money instead of harming chickens seems like a splendid adaptation of kapparot to me!