Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ain't gonna work on Saturday=$20,000?

Meet Henry, a religious Jew who is a driver for Los Angeles Metropolitan District Transportation Authority. After being on the job a couple of months he was asked to work Saturdays as well Jewish holidays.He asked if he could change his shift or take unpaid leave and was refused! He had no choice but to take days off without permission which eventually led to his being fired. Henry fought back and sued for religious discrimination and was awarded $20,000, reports Arutz Sheva. Now the authority and the Justice Ministry agreed that any drivers whose work schedules clashed with their religious holidays would be able to either change their shifts or take unpaid leave on those dates.
My question is: what planet are these guys living on?Did they think they could get away with that?
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Z said...

I totally this day and age, that's pretty much universally understood but then friend works for a child care program that is state and federally funded in PA...and she told me that people would be required to work Jewish holidays AND the Sabbath with NO excuses or they would be fired. I'd love to challenge that.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Go for it