Monday, September 26, 2005

New Jewish Album release leads to further questions...

Life-Of-Rubin asks some questions about how much Ephie Lowinger must love himself. As he has so many pictures of himself ( and the name of the album) on the album cover. Here is the funny part : I know the artist otherwise known as Ephie Lowinger ( or prince). I was in High School with him! I never knew he had any musical aspiration. To my knowledge he didn't even play an instrument. As I recall he had a rough voice so it does come as quite a shock. Perhaps he took voice lessons etc. Ephie was always a fun-go-lucky type of guy, a real decent kid . Unfortunately his style landed him in the hospital as he went skiing and decided to try it backwards. He slammed into a tree and was in the hospital with a comma. I actually went to visit him in the hospital many years ago. I haven't heard the album yet but I think I'll check it out. I'm quite curious to hear what he sounds like.

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