Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New Jewish Album MP3 ....

I have been tracking the various mp3 that I have posted from the Barock Orchestra album to see which ones are of most interest. I have changed things a bit based on feedback and interest with a new tracks also. If you would like Barock at your simcha you can email me for more info.
This album features 80 min! of non-stop music as well as an unprecedented 43 tracks.
To hear sneek clips for each trackclick here!

1) You can listen to the intro track here (can you guess that tune?):
Vocals by my buddy Yitzy Spinner:

Click Here

2) This next track is a Stolin Niggun in the BaTantz set featuring outstanding solo trumpet jazzed up with Daniel Falik on the Keys. Features vocals by my good friends(in order):

Avraham Solomon, Ari Greene (Producer), Benny Amar

Click Here

3) BaRocking it up a bit, here is the first song of the rock set Anachnu Maminim:

Vocals by Avraham Solomon ( you go man!)

Click Here

4) From the BacKground set Avrohom Fried's V'zakainu:
Vocals by Avraham Solomon

Click Here

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