Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Someone's Garbage is someone else's treasure

I recently demolished a carport that came with the house I recently purchased. It was a real eyesore and we didn't use it. Our town
has a special pickup on Wednesdays but I was not certain they
would actually take it all away. I had pulled the roof off in one
shot and it was one really big piece of sheet metal. I went out this morning to shlep all this stuff to the front of my house from the
backyard. As I started laying down the various pieces up pulls a
white van. a man jumps out and asks if he may put it in the van.
I told him he certainly could although I doubted he would take the
roof. As I pulled out the roof he asked me to help him put it in
his van and said I just made his day. Evidently he worked for a recycling sheet metal joint. What a great day!

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