Sunday, May 15, 2005

On the committee...

Well it seems I'm now on the music committee at my shul. My shul
has reached a milestone having been around for a long time.
(Can't say how long for anonymous reasons:)). They would like
to put together a concert to raise money for our shul. We are going
to get together discussing budgets and the like. The problem I'm
grappling with is who can we afford to get that will lead to a sell
out crowd? We need someone who would appeal to this community and all ages. The easy answers are probably too expensive
Avraham Fried, Shwekey etc. Any other name would not in
all likelihood sell out e.g. Mendy Wald, Shloimy Dachs. They prefer to
have a solo artists as opposed to a band like soulfarm etc. Although a band could be an opening act ibut n all probability would cost too much. hmmmm problems to solve I guess...

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