Monday, April 11, 2005

Yeshiva Boys V.S. Miami Boys

Well this peasach should be an interesting one with the Yeshiva Boys Choir , Eli Gertsner's latest production V.S. the famous Miami Boys Choir of Yerachmial Begun. Miami from what I understand is putting on 3 concerts the Chol Hamoed and I'm not certain how many Eli is doing.It almost looks as though perhaps he's waiting to take over the JM niche of Choir. Not a bad move considering Yerachmiel is semi-retired at this point and is not nearly producing the quality album he used to back in the day. Not that Gertsner's production is any better mind you.I haven't really listened to any Miami material in the past decade but Gertsner's idea of choir leaves a lot to be desired. He takes maybe his best 5 or 6 kids and doubles, triples, quadruples (is that a real word?) the voices. The songs are nothing to write home about and I doubt I'll be singing any of them at a simcha soon. I'm not certain at which point he has a whole choir is present although I'm sure he does at some point. I guess having your own studio does have it's benefits and that's where Eli spends most of his time I presume, making a solid attempt to be the Donald Trump of JM. The original Chevra now disbanded amidst a lawsuit which he filed against them. He will be producing new ones in the not too distant future I'm sure as he has with the new chevra and Menucha. Maybe he'll team up with Matisyahu and get a Jewish rap-reggae-hip-hop there is something that hasn't been tried yet (and maybe for a good reason).


Chaim said...

Hi, interesting site you got, seems like you could use some smiles though, why so down? you sound so sad.

Just a slight correction, It was the Chevra boys who sued Eli, that was what was printed in The Sun article and I've heard it from 3 different sources. They told Eli they aren't getting enough money (a valid and proper complaint) and eli said we will have to have a meeting and discuss it, and they turned around and used one of the chevra boy's uncles who is a lawyer and sued him.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Not sad just calling them as I see them. I had not seen your article
but I'll take your word for it.
I can't say I'm suprised as I heard about the type of contracts
he had people signed. You basically signed your life away.
Thanks for pointing it out I will
look into that though.