Monday, April 18, 2005

New Jewish Music Release Review....

My brother had recently purchased the latest Miami Boys Choir CD.
He let me listen to the first song and explained some interesting
changes Yerachmiel has made as of late. This album does not have Yerachmiel doing any vocals he is not capable of. In other
words he is generally singing in the lower register and his singing
seems more reserved and actually sounds ok for a change.
The album in general does not have a feel of what would typically expect of a choir album. Instead he's opting for a more solo
performer oriented sound and feel. The arrangements are more in sync with Schwekey or MBD than what was heard on other Miami albums. I also noted he recorded this album in Israel which until now I don't believe he has which is interesting. Although the songs maybe catchy, they pale in comparison to his songs of old.

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