Monday, April 11, 2005

The major scam by the MO Yeshivas

Mochassid recently brought to light the middle state scam I think this all pales in comparrison to the big scam going on at some
very well known MO schools in Long Island. There is unfortunately a lot of wealthy People who for some reason refuse to pay tuition. When the school says pay up they say they will pull thier kids out if they harrass them to pay. The idea being if I pull my kids out, all my wealthy friends will follow suit and you'll be left with a big gapping hole financially, trying to fill the void of students. Some schools on the island are finding it increasingly hard to compete with the fact that more parents are starting to go right wing and prefer seperate schools. There is one very well known MO school that was even considering switching from Coed to seperate to compete better etc.One Yeshiva on the Island is having a severe financial crisis unbeknownst to most parents. They more than once could not afford to make payroll and had to rely on and individual donot to bail them out. This same Yeshiva is taking out a huge loan to redo thier gym thinking this will bring in more students. I can go on about this story but it makes me too sick to the stomach.

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