Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Jewish music is catching up!

Mostly Music is now offering albums to be downloaded
and burned on CD-ROM at a discount. They are currently having a 15% discount on many popular CD's.


Chaim said...

catching up is a relative term, as you can see by going through the site, very few things are available for download, and what is available is old stuff that aderet owns. Also interesting to note is that when they first re-launched their site, many songs were available for download separately and since then that feature was disabled.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Point taken. However you can't argue that it's a step in the right direction.

Chaim said...

I agree it's a step, but as i said on Mindy's yahoo site when it was discussed there, that there is no way the JM world can handle digital downloads yet. It's just simply NOT possible. Half of boro park is cheating the government.

It's a Yiddish/Jewish mentality to scam things for free, if you give them the opportunity to download one song for 99 cents (to 1.50) everyone on that guys buddy list/block will have the song for free. Especially when on most typcial JM albums there are ONLY 3 tops 4 hit songs.

Plus in a demographic that is still buying cassettes for g-ds sake! -- How can anyone think digital?

Jewish Blogmeister said...

I think a lot of people would take
offense to your idea about it's a Jewish mentality to scam.....One could easily say it's everyone's mentality, goyim as well, after all how did napster become a reality? I think it's very dangerous to make generalities
like that.

Chaim said...

Ok, im not being FRUM PC here, but to quote another sterotypical jew. "If I'm Lyin, I'm dyin."

It may not be EVERYONE (hell it aint me, im as straight as it comes when it comes to paying my taxes, not ripping off goverment, all that stuff, paying for cd's, not burning copies) BUT we all know A VERY LARGE SUM of frum people in Boro Park, and in Flatbush and all over NY and the US love free stuff, and will always look for the "best" deal even if that deal is not so ligit. They can take offense to it all they want, if they don't do it, great for them, and if they are those people, shame on them!

treppenwitz said...

Whether or not you think the Jewish crowd is ready for digital downloads is neither here nor there. The JM industry isn't ready for it. I think this seems to be the poin that life of rubin is making.

The few Jewish music broadcasts that exist don't pay a penny to the artists or labels for each airplay the way the mainstream broadcast world does... there is little or no controls over distribution channels which means the JM industry is full of bootlegs... and the JM stores have plenty of 'live' performance albums where the musicians didn't see a penny above and beyond what they were paid for the gig they were hired for (a guy just plops a few mics in front of the band and poof! Instant/free album)!

So now you think it's a good idea to open up the JM world to a concept with even less accountability? Not only do I not trust the downloaders not to share it with their friends... but I really don't trust stores like Mostly Music to pay the artists for each download they sell.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Hmmm.I see your point perhaps we should ban downloads then. Until a better idea comes along...any ideas anybody?