Sunday, March 27, 2005

Why is there no outrage?

This shabbos I had met up with a friend of mine in shul.
We were discussingthe latest and the greatest in JM.
A concert had recently been introduced with MBD,
Yeedle and LIPA (took place on March 13th).
I asked him what the story was with the famous
charges brought against Yeedle. He said as far
as he knew they were true charges and that he had been having
issues for a while before the alleged incident took place.
I found an interesting website concerning some of this information. It seems there has been some major damage to the Werdyger family not just because of Yeedle. It seems that MBD will be going into real retirement as he is fed up with the horrible stories surrounding his family. It's people like him who make the industry look bad.


Tzvi said...

what other storeis have you heard? The yeedle case is the only thing ive heard about the family.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Let's just say someone only married
into the family after he was told
his relationship with his daughter would be exposed. I won't say more than that.