Sunday, January 09, 2005

a REAL Kiddush Hashem...

In response to Velvel and some others I would like to remind everybody what an example of what a true kiddush hashem is. A kiddush hashem is not getting on national TV at the request of Jay Leno and talking about your cool Reggae Jewish album. It would be that you are part of a world effort to help tsunami vicitms and the AP picks up on it.


velvel said...

A kiddush HaShem would also be saving orphans from a burning building. You're twisting words around in an effort to appear like you are supporting your opinions. You haven't supported your opinion with a single kind of logic. You aren't addressing your opinion or our statements.

Please reread our statements which support our side, I don't have to say them again. Clearly you're not even paying attention a little bit.

You also need help putting links on your blog. You can verify the links you put up by testing them. You can test them by looking at your own blog.

velvel said...

The AP doesn't have squat to do with reality. Absence of something on AP doesn't indicate proof that it doesn't exist or that it's not a kiddush HaShem.

Your blogging prowess, and debating ability is incredible.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Wow I feel like I'm back in high school. Are you
for real Velvel? You are worse than a politician, taking everything I say out of context. So let me straighten you out. First of all this was merely my example of what a kiddush hashem is and is not.
Your example of a burning building would also
consititute one as well. You don't like my opinion
don't come to my website buddy.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

FYI I fixed the broken link thanks for your input.
The bottom line is it's not necessary to go on some PR campaign to promote kiddush hashem.
I don't think religious Jews should be advocating Telvision as the perfect medium to
promote Judiasm. Word on the street is plenty of people walked out when he came in to the Hasc concert. This is my opinon you don't have to agree.

Daniel S. said...

Nice blog.

velvel said...

And what a kiddush HaShem it was when all those bochurim walked out.