Monday, January 31, 2005

Is something wrong with this picture?

The title of this article VICTIMS of the Holocaust were remembered at a commemoration in Ripon Cathedral yesterday. In an article that was in the Hamodia, Esther Jungries asks the question : Do we really need them to remember it? A lot of the world was more than happy to see us perish. She views this display of rememberance as ridicule. I agree with her: We need to remember what happened there, not a church somewhere playing Jewish music and lighting a candle in their memory.


velvel said...
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Jewish Blogmeister said...

Velvel it seems I accidently removed your comment
about what kind of Jewish music they were playing.
As you can see (after I fixed my broken link,thanks to you) the article does not say
what kind of music it was. Feel free to write to the editor and ask.

velvel said...

I removed the comment because there is no point to me reading this blog, and even less of a point in commenting. And my comment was needlessly nasty. I realize that the comment got mailed to you and I couldn't take it back. But at least I got to delete it.

Look on the comments page, and you can see who deleted which comment.