Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Yes I am happy to say I have passed my exam for GPS certification. No that does not stand for global positioning satellite. Rather it is Growth Partnership Services. You are probably wondering what the heck I do for a living. Well to make a little more complicated...I work for a global growth consulting companyknown as.....Well I can't really say. I'm also the only religious Jew in the entire company (at least to my knowledge). We have over 20 offices worldwide and I'm the only religious Jew working there. My boss is actually Jewish as it turns out and one of my associates in my particular office is Jewish as well. We had this Holiday party to celebrate after the exam ( which consisted of a 100 questions and a 3 part one-on-one with an executive asking a variety of questions including your new sales pitch). I actually just got this job 3 months ago, then they tell us they want everyone to sell everything so now you must learn the entire company operation. My job entails talking with directors of marketing of major corporations and asking them to spend their marketing dollars with our company and sponsor our events that produce a much better value proposition than trade shows or conferences. Needless to say they threw this at us during our busiest time...Budgeting season. Anyway I did not attend this PC correct party (secret Santa and all) because I felt a)there would be no kosher food , b) I was unsure if I should even be there in the first place being it was a non-kosher establishment and the halachah of maris ayin. I'm sure you can argue this point a million ways but I wasn't thrilled about it since I would ultimately be surrounded by non-kosher food. I therefore opted out of the festivities although a nice glass of scotch would have been just the thing after that exam.

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