Friday, December 24, 2004

The nightmare continues....

Well this had to be one of my greatest Fopas (did I spell that right?) as a musician.
One of musicians worst nightmares is going to a wedding only to find out the wedding is actually being played somewhere else. You also have no time to get back to that one and you end up losing money and infuriating the host of the party as well as the orchestra who has to scramble to replace you. Well my story is not that bad but it was not comical. I had this wedding the other day and I leave work a bit early as it probably would take me 2 hours to get there. Because of the rain and traffic it took almost 3 hours. I finally get there and the bands not there! I call up the office by cell no one picks up. Finally I get through and it turns out the wedding is next week on the same day! I ended up getting home in about an hour so basically
I had to travel for over 4 hrs straight. Not cool!


Cholent said...

dude, the word is faux pas. It's a French word.

Cholent said...

also, I feel bad about that mistake. You should keep an organized calendar of your bookings with all the info, and check it before you go to the wedding. Or is that not the reason? Was it someone else's mistake?