Friday, December 31, 2004

Hasc Concert No. 18

In response to BloginDM's discussion about the Hasc Concert:There is no need for specualtion as I know for a fact (from my inside sources) Matisyahu will be in living color at this event. I for one have never even heard a single note from him and have no particiular interest either. Here is my take on it...the guy went on national TV that's all I need to know. I know there is this idea out there to say but look how many people he can be mekarev (bring back to the jewish faith) etc. I just don't buy it and certainly will not be buying his album if you can call it that. I'm not really certain what kind of message Hasc is trying to send by featuring this artist. I guess they are trying to balance this with having Schweky on board...we'll see how this all pans out I guess.


velvel said...

I just don't see how his musical style fits in with the other guys, or how the limited audience will be able to adjust their ears to hard-core reggae.

But I take issue with your TV non-comments.

The guy has been a perfect kiddush Hashem on TV. He's stood up to people teasing him about Shabbos and Negiah. He explained it with respect and conviction. What's your problem with him? So far, I understand that "that's all [you] need to know" and you "just don't buy it." What does that mean? What exactly is your issue?

velvel said...
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Jewish Blogmeister said...

Velvel you miss the point. I'm not into his whole
TV appearance get-a-kick-out-of-me I'm cool and
Jewish deal. Personally if you want to make a kiddush hashem there are better ways to do it then getting on national TV. I also don't personally care for his brand of music.

velvel said...

Of course you don't care about his brand of music. Neither will most of the Hasc audience.

I see you didn't like my comment about popular chillul Hashems of the past few months. That's what the world sees, even you delete the comment.

What kind of image is it for the world if only the disgusting Jews get on TV? Is that really a "light unto the nations"?

velvel said...

Repeating your point, in a less eloquent manner?

Jewish Blogmeister said...

I understand your point but this is not the way to balance it out some reggae jewish dude getting on tv. It will not take away from any chilul hashem of the past you months I'm sorry to say.
I would also suggest some anger management

velvel said...

You don't have to apologize, but I disagree. Any image of a Jew being a mensche will take away from chilul HaShem.

You still haven't put up any reasoning behind your opinion. Except on the newsgroup I linked before, you mentioned that successful Jews in Europe are responsible for the Holocaust. But I will just have to agree to disagree with you on that one.

PsychoToddler said...

Yid, you shouldn't dismiss his music without listening to it. Maybe you'll like it. Probably you won't. But it's not fair to judge without listening.

And I agree with velvel on the Kiddush Hashem thing. I see our job as Frum Jews to get out there and be positive role models for the world. Why else would we be "the chosen people?" To bury ourselves in Beis Medresh while the world burns around us?

As far as I can tell, we are way behind on Kiddush Hashem. If Mattisyahu is helping us catch up, yasher co-ach to him.

velvel said...

Hey, sorry about that, I misattributed your quote. Avremelfan said that successful Jews caused the Holocaust. You didn't support your argument at all.

velvel said...

Still waiting for the reason you don't think Jews should be on TV...

Jewish Blogmeister said...

Well let me give you this idea to chew on with the understaning it's something you could never agree upon because your mind has been made up.
I'm from the old school. I believe that less
we are in the public eye the better off we are.
There is an argument whether or not frum people should get involved with politics on a large scale. The less we get involved in the public eye
the better off we are because the less they can envy,or find ways to put us down. Now that may sound very paranoid but the halcha is esav sonai es yakov.It is an argument that you certainly don't have to agree with but if can see the way the New York times writes about Jews as if they exotic funny creatures and you'll start to get a better fell for it.

velvel said...

It's too bad there are no walls on your ghetto.

Jewish Blogmeister said...

It's too bad that you don't recognize history
and it does repeat itself if your not careful.
I can see how you may view him as a positive role perhaps for "kids at risk". He's not considered by most Rabbanim on the right, those
that are interested in true torah values.
You want a real religious Jew for a role
go check out a biography on Rabbi Moshe
Fienstein or Rabbi Avigdor Miller-these people
understood true torah values.